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Caramelized Onions

Caramelized Onions

You want to dice or cut into small pieces 1-2 LARGE onions and cook them on low heat and get them as dry as you can without burning them. This is achieved by cooking on low, which is 2-3 on an electric stove. Strirring often and keeping the onion pieces as flat as possible.


A favorite caramelizing product is Tony Chachere’s CREOLE Seasoning. I love Ethiopian to Mexican flavor choices and ALWAYS use fresh beans in my dishes; beans you have to soak for 8 hours or more or less. I enjoy cooking slow while watching t.v. at night for a hearty breakfast in the morning. I use 3-4 cups of dried beans which need around 8 cups of water. I use a tablespoon or two of Maple Syrup “from the tree” sometimes for sweetening along with fresh Ginger. If you aren’t sure of the seasoning use less, not more, then season further for taste.

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